Cryotech BX36® Environmental Safety

Cryotech BX36® is made with bio-based propanediol. Bio-based products are wholly or partly composed of renewable agricultural crops such as corn, wheat or sugar cane. Propanediol is a high performance material derived from corn. This reduces the reliance on petroleum-based materials, requires less energy to manufacture, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and supports airline, airport, and military sustainability goals.

BX36 has a low biological oxygen demand (BOD), is non-persistent, and readily biodegrades at low temperatures. BX36 also has a low toxicity to fish, mammals, and vegetation and is recognized as “relatively harmless” by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife scale. The bio-based component notably reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions over traditional propylene glycol. BX36 is a next generation deicer that is bio-based without sacrificing performance or quality. It breaks down naturally in the environment to carbon dioxide, water, and potassium.