Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech Deicers to be Showcased at The Warehouse Gallery's "Embracing Winter" Exhibition

SYRACUSE, New York, January 27, 2007. - Staging the coldest season as a playground for imagination, The Warehouse Gallery presents Embracing Winter, a group exhibition featuring knitted sculpture, psychedelic video, interactive displays, sly photography, and crisp audio and book works by American, Canadian and Italian artists.

The show is on view February 13, 2007 through March 30, 2007 and accompanied by a Hot Cocoa Reception on February 15; Lunchtime Talks by exhibition artists and an earth scientist on February 16, and an Experimental Film Screening on March 8.

Playful, interactive exhibition of knitted sculpture, psychedelic video, sly photography, crisp audio works by American, Canadian, and Italian artists are on incorporated.

Embracing Winter is the third exhibition in a series at The Warehouse Gallery referencing the natural world and encouraging environmental consciousness. The de-icing agents were generously donated by Cryotech. The curator would like to acknowledge the inspirational exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Sense of the City, which explored the theme of urban phenomena and perceptions that have traditionally been ignored, repressed or maligned.

For more information contact:
Elaine Quick
The Warehouse Gallery
(315) 443-6450

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