Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech Blend-Bag-Ship Service

Cryotech Blend-Bag-Ship Service

Cryotech's state-of-the art dry blending and automated bagging systems

Cryotech's business development efforts focus on opportunities to take its service expertise and expansive, updated facility, now with state-of-the art dry blending and automated bagging systems, beyond its core deicing business.

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Blend It: Dry Blend System

  • Stainless steel system
  • Fully enclosed system with dust collection
  • Variable products and blending times
  • Incoming material fed with super sacks (2205 pound bags)
  • 10 US ton direct drive rotating blender
  • On-site lab for testing

Bag It: Automated Bagging System

  • Climate controlled area
  • Variable filling capability
  • Two - 60 US ton direct feed hoppers
  • Form, fill and seal capability; up to 20-55 pound bags per minute
  • Automatic super sack filler
  • Automatic pallet dispenser with robotic arm
  • Automatic shrink wrap system with top/dust cover

Ship It: Truck and Rail

  • On-site certified truck and rail scales
  • TRUCK: excellent relationships with local, regional, and national carriers
  • RAIL: directly off BNSF mainline with equipment to perform own in-plant switch activity