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Cryotech Deicing Technology Expands Transit Lavatory Product Offerings

FORT MADISON, IA August 4, 2015 – Cryotech, a world leader in runway, aircraft, and commercial deicing technology, has introduced a new bio-based, ready-to-use lavatory fluid for use in aircraft, rail and other commercial transit applications.

The newest addition to Cryotech's product portfolio, Cryotech Glacier™ RF, is a cost effective full package lavatory fluid. It combines the deodorant package and the freeze point depressant, eliminating the need to mix, agitate and dilute seperate lavatory components during field operations.

Glacier RF contains a bio-based freeze point suppressant and is formulated with surfactants to prevent buildup of solid materials on pipe walls. Glacier RF was developed with extremely low electrical conductivity to protect aircraft components from corrosion.

"Cryotech has a long history of developing exceptional products with minimal environmental impact," said Craig Starwalt, President and CEO of Cryotech Deicing Technology. "Our research and development initiatives focus on performance, environmental impact and sustainability, traits of critical importance to Cryotech and our customers. Glacier RF is no exception and is well aligned with these objectives."

Glacier RF is available for sale direct through Cryotech and will be added to Cryotech's GSA Schedule, GS-10F-8887H, shortly. Certification testing is complete for the following:

  • Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 Issue 3
  • Boeing D6-17487 (Rev. T)
  • Douglas CSD #3

About Cryotech

Cryotech Deicing Technology is a division of General Atomics International Services Corporation, a San Diego based company specializing in energy-related research and product development. Cryotech manufactures and markets environmentally compatible acetate-based highway, commercial, and airport runway deicers, as well as glycol-based aircraft deicers. Each is considered safer for the environment because they readily biodegrade and exhibit low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life.


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