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Cryotech Launches New Ready-To-Use Lavatory Fluid

September 26, 2012

Cryotech, a world leader in runway, aircraft, and commercial deicing technology, introduces its new cost effective, ready-to-use lavatory fluid in time for the fast approaching winter season.

The newest addition to Cryotech's product line, Cryotech GlacierBlue™, can be used in aircraft, rail, and other commercialtransit applications.

Glacier Blue is potassium acetate-based and does not require agitation, mixing, or dilution. It is safe for workers and environmentally friendly. Product information, including the MSDS and Fact Sheet, for Glacier Blue can be viewed here.

Glacier Blue contains antifreeze as well as a deodorant package to provide control of objectionable odors.The antifreeze portion provides low freeze point protection to -21°F (-29°C). The fluid also rinses clean and is formulated to protect aircraft components from corrosion.

In disposal systems, Glacier Blue is readily biodegradable and has al ow BOD compared to glycerin and glycol-basedformulations. Since the fluid is potassium acetate-based,there are no alcohols.

Glacier Blue will be added to Cryotech's GSA Schedule, GS10F8887H, shortly. Also pending are the following approvals:Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 (Issue 3, July 2011) Boeing D6-17487 Revision RDouglas CSD #3

For further information, please contact Cryotech at +1800-346-7237 or visit

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