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Cryotech Spring Newsletter

May 1, 2018

This has been quite a winter, but soon we will return our deicing product and equipment to storage. To help keep things in working order, Cryotech would like to offer a few helpful tips to prepare your deicing operations for the warm weather ahead.

Sprayer Trucks:

  • It is recommended to empty liquid runway deicing trucks and return good product to storage. Clean truck hoses, pumps, and outside surfaces with warm soapy water prior to storage.
  • Aircraft deicing trucks do not need to be emptied. It is recommended to leave Type IV fluid in the truck tank to reduce unnecessary shearing of the fluid. However, be mindful to turn heaters off when the trucks are not in use. Where possible, drain and clean hoses and keep in mind that fluid in tank site gauges may fade or change color when exposed to sunlight. This is not indicative of the fluid in the tank.

Spreader Trucks:

  • Before storing, be sure solid deicers are unloaded from trucks into bulk piles indoors.
  • Wash the inside and outside of spreader bed and truck surfaces using high pressure hot water.


  • Check warehouses for water tightness. Bulk solid deicers should be swept up into a pile and protected with a thin plastic cover during hot, humid weather to prevent crusting or caking.
  • Toted liquid product should be stored out of direct sunlight to help prevent color fade.
  • Type IV fluids are susceptible to degradation from UV exposure and this precaution also prevents dye/color fade.

Plan Updates:

  • As time permits, review and make changes to your winter maintenance plan and winter emergency procedures with input and coordination from all departments.

Thank you for a wonderful deicing/winter season! Enjoy your summer - we'll be back this fall with tips to kick-off the next deicing/winter season.

For more information contact Cryotech at 1-800-346-7237.

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