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Cryotech Fall Newsletter

September 4, 2018

And just like that, summer fell into fall!

Cryotech will be ready when winter arrives and we hope you will be too. Here are a few tips for maximizing the efficiency of your deicing fluid.


  • Check inventory levels and the weather forecast often to help you prepare for the storm and avoid stressful situations.
  • Follow general application guidelines to help you achieve desired product performance and extend inventory supplies.
  • Apply product ahead of or early into the storm, prior to precipitation accumulation, to significantly improve product performance.
  • Remove snow and ice manually, by plowing or brooming, to prevent refreeze from product dilution.
  • Reapply when new precipitation shows first tendency to pack or bond to the surface.


  • For nozzle samples, fully flush the nozzle before collecting a sample. When collecting a sample, the nozzle should be fully open to prevent shearing of the fluid from the nozzle.
  • For tank, tote or drum samples, pull the sample from the middle of the fluid layer using a clean and dry sampling device. If using a sample port, flush at least one gallon from the sample port before collecting the sample.
  • The nozzle and storage samples should be the same color. If they are not, additional flushing of the nozzle may be required.
  • During the season, minimize heating the fluids as much as possible. Prolonged, frequent heating can lead to water evaporation and fluid deterioration.

For more information contact Cryotech at 1-800-346-7237.

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