Commercial Products

Cryotech CF7®
Cryotech CF7® is a high-performance, potassium acetate-based clear liquid deicer that is effective to temperatures below -25°F (-32°C).

GSA Contract #47QSWA19D0036

Cryotech CMA®
Cryotech CMA® is granulated calcium magnesium acetate solid deicer, a low corrosion, environmental alternative to road salt, other chlorides and urea.

GSA Contract #47QSWA19D0036
Ontario Hydro Catalog #0000461464-4

Cryotech CMA40®
Cryotech CMA40® is a blend of 40% calcium magnesium acetate and 60% sodium chloride. CMA acts as an inhibitor when blended with sodium chloride, thus reducing chloride induced corrosion and spalling.

GSA Contract #47QSWA19D0036

Cryotech NAAC®
Cryotech NAAC® solid deicer is non-chloride based and effective to to 0°F (-18°C). NAAC is ideal for use on highways and bridges, sidewalks, and parking garages and other steel reinforced concrete structures.

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Cryotech NAAC®40
Cryotech NAAC®40 is the perfect product for high performance, minimal environmental impact and budget friendliness. Great for areas with chloride limits, NAAC40 works to lower temperatures than rock salt,starts fast and provides longer holdover, effectively fracturing snow and ice pack.