Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech Glacier RTU

Cryotech Glacier RTU®

Cryotech Glacier RTU® is a ready-to-use product containing antifreeze, that does not require mixing or dilution. Glacier RTU is safe for the environment and developed with extremely low conductivity.


  • Ready-to-use formula - no dilution or mixing required
  • Easy to handle
  • Tested to Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 Issue 3, Boeing D6-17487 (Rev. T), and Douglas CSD #3 standards
  • Safe for the environment
  • Cost effective


  • Provides control of objectionable odors with fresh, pleasant scent
  • Rinses clean
  • Formulated with extremely low electrical conductivity to protect aircraft components from corrosion


  • Completely biodegradable
  • Contains no ethylene glycol or alcohols


  • Stainless steel, epoxy or polyethylene lined steel, mild carbon steel, or reinforced plastic containers are acceptable
  • Best practices include storing totes and drums in areas protected from weather and exposure to direct sunlight
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe for workers - see product SDS
  • Containers must be clean and free of rust, surface deposits, and residues