Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech Polar Plus LT

Polar Plus® LT

Type I Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid

AMS 1424/1 Certified

Polar Plus® LT Concentrate is a propylene glycol based Type I aircraft deicing fluid that meets the current revision of SAE AMS 1424/1. Polar Plus LT exhibits industry leading low Aquatic Toxicity and has the Lowest Operational Use Temperature (LOUT) in the industry for a propylene glycol based fluid.


  • Industry leading low Aquatic Toxicity
  • Extremely low foaming fluid provides for easier handling and aids visual contamination checks
  • Easy to apply with existing equipment
  • Even dispersal for superior wetting
  • Dilutes to required temperature for economical savings


  • Two year product warranty (original sealed container; stored within temperature storage limits)
  • Lowest Operational Use Temperature (LOUT) in the Industry for a propylene glycol based fluid
  • LOUT of -27°F (-33°C) at a 63% Polar Plus LT/37% water dilution


  • Triazole free
  • Does not contain nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Classified as non-hazardous