Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech NAAC Solid Deicer Shaker Jug

Cryotech NAAC® Shaker Jug

Solid Deicer

Anhydrous Sodium Acetate

Cryotech NAAC is the leading premium deicer because it is exothermic, releasing heat as it dissolves. Burning through the snow and ice pack, it breaks the bond with the surface to keep it snow and ice free. Its low working temperature and long residual holdover keeps it working longer.


  • Ready to use for ramps, jetways, doorways, baggage handling areas, helipads, residential use, and more


  • Ergonomic handle for easy transportation

Maximize Performance

  • Hinged dispensing lid has slots built-in for efficient spread pattern to maximize performance and reduce over application that causes tracking
  • Less product waste than other common application methods


  • Each jug weighs less than 10lbs and covers 1000ft2


  • Pre-packaged 4 jug cases provide similar coverage to 25kg (55lb) bag

NAAC Packaging

  • 10lb Jug/4 per case
  • 55lb Bag/40 per pallet
  • 2205lb Bag/1 per pallet
  • Bulk
Cryotech NAAC Shaker Jug