Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech E36 liquid runway deicer

Cryotech E36®

Liquid Runway Deicer

AMS 1435 Certified

Cryotech E36® liquid runway deicer is a high-performing 50% aqueous potassium acetate solution by weight. It contains no urea or glycol and is stable in storage with no agitation required. It is the industry standard for use on airside pavements such as runways, ramps, and helipads. E36 can be used as an anti-icer or deicer and its effectiveness is enhanced when used in combination with Cryotech NAAC® solid runway deicer.


  • Sprays effectively at low temperatures
  • Less slippery than glycol-based products
  • Remains stable in long term storage
  • Complimentary customer training upon request


  • Industry leading anti-icing characteristics
  • Effective to -25° F (-32° C)
  • Low freeze point -76° F (-60° C)


  • Readily biodegradable low BOD and COD
  • Low toxicity to fish and mammals; recognized as “relatively harmless” by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Scale
  • Does not contain urea or glycol


  • Prewetting: Apply at spreader outlet at a rate of 1.25 gallons per 100 lbs (120 g/kg) of solid deicer, such as Cryotech NAAC
  • Anti-icing:
    • 0.5 gallons/1000ft² (25 g/m²)
  • Deicing:
    • 1 gallon/1000ft² (50 g/m²) near 32°F (0°C) on thin ice
    • 3 gallons/1000ft² (150 g/m²) below 10°F (-12°C) on thick ice
  • Re-apply when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond
  • Plow and broom often to reduce fluid dilution