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Agriculture Products

Agriculture Products

Cryotech, your expert in acetate, is growing!

Cryotech is known for consistently providing quality products with exceptional performance while limiting environmental impact. With customer needs as priority one, Cryotech has expanded into agriculture and fertilizer products.

Cryotech's Pro-Agriculture product line is thoughtfully formulated, rooted in sound agronomic principals, and good science.

Potassium (K) is required by a growing plant to stimulate early growth, increase protein production, and activate enzyme and hormone systems within the plant.

Potassium Acetate

Potassium Acetate has proven benefits beyond other K sources for liquid fertilizer products. Acetate is the most common organic anion in nature, which leads to enhanced uptake and more efficient plant use of K.

  • Safe, biodegradable volatility reduction agent with dicamba
  • Low crop injury potential
  • Results in lower phytotoxicity damage
  • May be applied in a variety of ways

Cryotech PA50

  • 0-0-24
  • 50% potassium acetate solution
  • pH range 7.5-8.5

Cryotech KAc60

  • 0-0-29
  • 60% potassium acetate solution
  • pH range 8.0-10.0

Custom Blends

  • Made to order
  • May be available upon request