Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech NAAC40 Solid Deicer Shaker Jug

Cryotech NAAC®40 Shaker Jug

Solid Deicer

Sodium Acetate/Sodium Chloride Blend

Cryotech NAAC40 is the perfect product for high performance, minimal environmental impact and budget friendliness. Great for areas with chloride limits, NAAC40 works to lower temperatures than rock salt, starts fast and provides longer holdover, effectively fracturing snow and ice pack.


  • Ready to use for parking garages, sidewalks, walking paths, residential areas, and more


  • Ergonomic handle for easy transportation

Maximize Performance

  • Hinged dispensing lid has slots built-in for efficient spread pattern to maximize performance and reduce tracking
  • Less product waste than other common application methods

Lightweight and Convenient

  • Each jug weighs approximately 10lbs and covers more than 1000ft2
  • Easy to use with simple storage and application technique

NAAC Packaging

  • 10lb Jug/4 per case
  • 55lb Bag/40 per pallet
  • 2205lb Bag/1 per pallet
  • Bulk
Cryotech NAAC40 Shaker Jug