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Cryotech NAAC Solid Deicer


Solid Deicer

AMS 1431 Certified

NAAC® is the leading premium deicer because it is exothermic, releasing heat as it dissolves. Burning through the snow and ice pack, it breaks the bond with the surface to keep it snow and ice free. It’s low working temperature and long residual holdover keeps it working longer.


  • Works longer, requiring fewer applications
  • Applies easily with same equipment as other solid deicers
  • Contains pure materials for higher performance- Non-chloride based
  • Manufactured as a round pellet to be less dusty than irregularly shaped deicers
  • Complimentary customer training upon request


  • Gives off heat as it dissolves - Exothermic
  • Patented Unipel technology ensures uniform size, shape, and composition of each pellet
  • Penetrates directly to the pavement due to spherical shape; irregular shaped deicers penetrate laterally, inefficiently expending energy before reaching the pavement
  • Requires less material than common deicers to achieve similar effectiveness
  • Active to low temperatures 0°F (-18°C)


  • Biodegrades quickly at low temperatures
  • Low toxicity to fish and mammals
  • Less persistent in the environment than sodium formate


  • Deicing - apply in uniform patterns:
    • Near 32°F (0°C) on thin ice = 5-7 lbs/1000 ft² (25-35 g/m²)
    • Less than 10°F (-12°C) on 1” (2.5cm) ice = 10-25 lbs/1000 ft² (50-75 g/m²)
  • Re-apply when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond
  • Plow once bond is broken
  • Prewetting - airports and commercial users may apply Cryotech E36® and Cryotech CF7®, respectively, to NAAC at spreader outlet at a rate of 10% by weight
Cryotech NAAC Shaker Jug

Cryotech NAAC® Shaker Jug – Special Packaging

All-in-one, ready to use for ramps, jetways, doorways, baggage handling areas, helipads, residential use, and more

  • Lightweight & Convenient
  • User-Friendly
  • Maximize Performance
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