Cryotech CF7 Commercial

Cryotech CF7® liquid commercial deicer is a high performing 50% aqueous potassium acetate solution, by weight, with less than 1% corrosion inhibitors. CF7 is non-chloride based making if safer for structural steel and reinforcing steel embedded in concrete. CF7 is a clear, colorless, moible liquid, free from matter in suspension. It is effective at low temperatures, -25°F (-32°C) and is stable in storage with no agitation required.

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Potential CF7 customers typically include, but are not limited to, DOT's, public works agencies, property management firms, and industrial firms. Customers concerned with deicing performance, environmental issues, and corrosion choose CF7 as a cost effective solution to their concerns.

CF7 is best used as an anti-icer, sprayed on the pavement before precipitation starts but can also be used a deicer. CF7 is very effective as a prewetting agent for solid deicers such as Cryotech CMA®, Cryotech NAAC®;, road salts, and sand. Due to its low freeze point, -76°F (-60°C), CF7 significantly improves the performance of solids. Because it is a clear liquid free from matter in suspension with low viscosity, it does not clog spray nozzles, even at very low temperatures.