Cryotech CMA40 Commercial - Corrosion

CMA exhibits very low corrosion rates on metals found in bridges, roadways, parking garages, and other steel and concrete systems. Commonly described as being about as corrosive as tap water, CMA is often used as the corrosion standard by which other deicers are judged. Years of real-world use coupled with laboratory tests throughout the 1980's and 1990's sponsored by the U.S. FHWA, U.K Department of Transport, and other independent institutions have concluded: CMA is a proven low corrosion deicer, and when blended with sodium chloride at rates greater than 20% CMA acts as a corrosion inhibitor.


CMA40 As a Corrosion Inhibitor

A number of laboratory tests suggest that CMA may be an effective corrosion inhibitor when combined with salt. Although tests were different in type and duration of exposure, all indicated that as little as 20% CMA in a CMA/salt blend resulted in a 70% to 80% reduction in corrosion. As expected, the best corrosion protection results from the use of pure CMA.