Cryotech E36

Description of E36

Cryotech E36® liquid runway deicer is a high-performing 50% aqueous potassium acetate solution, by weight, with less than 1% corrosion inhibitors. Cryotech E36 meets the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 1435 for deicing and anti-icing compounds in the form of a liquid for use on runways and taxiways.

E36 is a clear, blue, mobile liquid, free from matter in suspension. It contains no urea or glycol and is stable in storage with no agitation required. It is the industry standard for use on airside pavements such as runways, ramps, and helipads. Since 1992, Cryotech E36 has been used for airports and military installations that require a fast acting, environmentally friendly and economical deicer. Its effectiveness is enhanced when used in combination with Cryotech NAAC® solid runway deicer.