Cryotech NAAC Runway


Cryotech NAAC® solid deicer is 97% anhydrous sodium acetate by weight containing less than 1% corrosion inhibitors. Cryotech NAAC meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 1431 for deicing and anti-icing compounds in the form of a solid for use on runways and taxiways.

NAAC is produced as a spherical pellet using Cryotech's patented Unipel manufacturing process. This configuration minimizes dust, reduces compaction in storage and results in even spread patterns. This technology and the unique composition of NAAC makes it the most stable of all common certified airside deicers in long-term bulk storage.

NAAC has been successfully used airside since 1997 by airports, airlines, and military installations for anti-icing and deicing. Its effectiveness is enhanced when used in conjunction with liquid deicers, like Cryotech E36®.

Cryotech NAAC is frequently chosen for non-airside deicing of parking structures, parking lots, terminal entrances and sidewalks. Additional information about using NAAC commercially can be found by reviewing the Cryotech NAAC commercial deicing section of the website.

NAAC is the leading airside deicing product because it is fast acting, has a long residual effect, works to low temperatures and is safe for the environment.