Cryotech NAAC40 Commercial

NAAC40 PathNAAC®40 is a 40% sodium acetate and 60% sodium chloride blend with high performance, minimal environmental impact and is competitively priced. The combination of rock salt and NAAC®, Cryotech’s premium solid pavement deicer, is ideal for areas with chloride limits, decreasing the chloride load in storm water by 40% over rock salt alone. With low BOD/COD and low toxicity to fish and mammals, NAAC40 is an environmentally friendly and high performing alternative to conventional salts.

NAAC40 starts fast and provides long holdover, successfully breaking and inhibiting the bond between snow and ice and the pavement. These attributes allow for fewer applications than other common deicers, benefiting the environment and budgets. NAAC40 works to lower temperatures and is an effective ice melter down to a practical use temperature of approximately 10°F (-12°C), whereas sodium chloride alone works to approximately  20°F (-7°C). NAAC is industry-leading for its low effective temperature, exothermic properties, and uniform shape and size that allow the pellet to penetrate directly to the pavement surface.

Available in easy-to-use Shaker Jug!